“I Used to be Cool”

I saw the best bumper sticker over the weekend on the back of a fellow minivan: “I used to be cool.”

That sums me up perfectly. Well, maybe I wasn’t cool, but my story was a cool one. Years of traveling around the world led to more than a few epic adventures. I worked at the Olympics. Served microbrews in college towns. Danced with rock stars in Venezuelan clubs. Drank with rock stars on trans-Atlantic flights. Climbed mountains and cruised down them. Found myself stuck on more than a few cliffs. Read More

Let the Girl Be.

“Let the girl go!”Or just let the girl be.

I know I am scared of searching for that treasure hidden inside inside me. It is a scary process –  unearthing your true self and unleashing your maximum power upon this earth. In the end, I will likely discover that I really am a teacher and a writer, have been all along. But that doesn’t have to look the same as it has for the past 12 years, or fit a traditional mold. Read More