It’s All Been Said Before

It has started. Started big time. Moms of older kids will nod, sigh, and smirk – trying to remember that time before. The time before the children fought. Constantly fought. With words. With fists and kicks. With the power to annoy. Is this really what life is going to be like for the next 15 years, until only one of them remains under my roof?

They fight over what music to listen to, what show to watch, what book to read, which Legos to build, whose stuffy this is, whether or not said stuff is an actual Beannie Boo, who sits next to mom, who sits closer to mom, who sits on mom – and that was just this morning before school. Read More

“I Used to be Cool”

I saw the best bumper sticker over the weekend on the back of a fellow minivan: “I used to be cool.”

That sums me up perfectly. Well, maybe I wasn’t cool, but my story was a cool one. Years of traveling around the world led to more than a few epic adventures. I worked at the Olympics. Served microbrews in college towns. Danced with rock stars in Venezuelan clubs. Drank with rock stars on trans-Atlantic flights. Climbed mountains and cruised down them. Found myself stuck on more than a few cliffs. Read More

Let the Girl Be.

“Let the girl go!”Or just let the girl be.

I know I am scared of searching for that treasure hidden inside inside me. It is a scary process –  unearthing your true self and unleashing your maximum power upon this earth. In the end, I will likely discover that I really am a teacher and a writer, have been all along. But that doesn’t have to look the same as it has for the past 12 years, or fit a traditional mold. Read More